Website Privacy Policy

Direct Ltd is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).   Minimum personal details including name, home/office address, phone number Participating charities cannot disclose any personal information about the donor, with whom they may be communicating, to the intended recipient of the donated item (the disadvantaged individual for whom they are collecting the item). Personal  Information about the donor (including email, phone and address) can only be used for the purpose of direct communication to organise transfer/transport of an item.  Any participating charity must not use any personal information (including email address) for their own self-promotion, advertising or any form of communication from that charity. 

Recipients of donations (ie., the disadvantaged individual) do not have access to any personal information about the donor.  No personal details will be provided to other charities organisations or individuals for advertising, self-promotion or other purposes.  Donors can choose to elect to receive emails during charity promotions by Direct (eg., charities drives during natural disasters) or for updates of urgently needed items by disadvantaged individuals.  They are able to cancel receipt of emails at any time.