Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is there a cost associated with using Direct to obtain items?

A.   Direct is a completely free service.  There are no joining costs or commissions involved. 
Direct is a purely not-for-profit initiative, created to assist charity workers in obtaining essential items for their clients (disadvantaged or vulnerable individuals).   Support workers from a diverse range of community service providers (eg., social workers, mental health case workers, etc). can all utilize this service.  It is also targeted towards people who have suddenly lost everything through natural disaster. 

Q. When I donate my item, where does it end up?

A. Once your item is selected by a charity or community service provider (CSP) for a client in need, transfer of the item to the charity/CSP is arranged. The charity or CSP then gives your donated item directly to the intended recipient (the disadvantaged individual) for whom it is selected.  Your item will not be resold or used for any other purpose.

Q. Who will have to my personal details?

A.  Minimal personal information is used to enable the operation of Direct
Personal  information about the donor (including email, phone and address) is used to enable necessary communication with a charity/CSP, to coordinate transfer of items.  Any charity or community worker acts only on behalf of their client, so that there is always anonymity maintained between donors and recipients (disadvantaged individuals).
Participating charities are not permitted to disclose any personal information about the donor, with whom they may be communicating, to the intended recipient of the donated item (the disadvantaged individual for whom they are collecting the item).

Any participating charity must not use any personal information (including email address) for their own self-promotion, advertising or any form of communication from that charity. 

For more information please refer to Direct Ltd Privacy Policy.   

Q. How do my used item(s) reach the person in need?

When your donated item is selected by a charity/CSP acting on behalf of a disadvantaged individual, you will be put in touch with the charity to arrange transport.  This may involve one of three options:

  1. You can deliver your item personally to the charity or CSP
  2. You can post your item to the charity or CSP
  3. The charity/CSP can arrange to pick up the item from you.

*Note:  Direct does not currently pick up or deliver donated items.

Q. Does Direct store donated items?

A.  No.  Direct enables matching to occur between what items are needed by disadvantaged inidviduals with what’s been donated.  It then links up donors with support workers from charities or community service providers to allow them to coordinate transfer of the item.

Q.  When I list an item for donation, how long will it take for me to be matched with someone in need?

A. The time taken for a match to be made is variable.  It can be almost immediately if someone is currently need of your item(s).  Otherwise it can take a bit longer, depending on your location and whether the item is in low or high demand. 

Direct will make every effort to process donations as quickly as possible and too find suitable matches.  Direct requests that donors hold onto their items in the interim.