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Who Can Donate?


Do you have quality used items in good condition that you no longer need?

Do you sometimes put quality items on your nature strip for council collection that could be used by someone else?

Are you decluttering your house or moving home?

Maybe you would like to donate your used things to someone in need but are not sure which charity or how to organise it. You may also wonder whether your stuff actually reaches someone in need.

Direct is based on the philosophy that donated items must reach intended recipients - those most in need. No items are re-sold. Anything you donate will go DIRECTLY to a disadvantaged individual, making a difference to their lives.
At the same time you are making a positive difference to our environment by reducing landfill.

How Do I Donate?

  1. Join Direct to become a donor.
  2. Provide a basic description of the item(s) you are donating.
  3. Be linked with a charity or support worker who needs your item once a match is made.  They will help coordinate the transfer of the item.


Your donated item can be transferred in one of three ways:

  1. Deliver your item in person to the charity or community service provider/support worker.
  2. Collection by an approved charity or support worker from an approved community service provider/support worker.
  3. Post your item to the charity or support worker/community service provider.


what can I Donate?

  • Toiletries - unopened shampoos or soap, unopened toothbrushes (eg., from your holiday hotel), feminine hygiene products.
  • Blankets and doonas - bedding is in great demand, especially in winter. 
  • Linen (single and queen size sheet sets)  - please ensure they are CLEAN
  • Towels  (please ensure they are CLEAN)
  • Gently used furniture  - couches; T.V. tables; coffee tables; dining tables and chairs; beds
  • Gently used clothing or shoes  (no stains or tears)
  • Bed frames (solid frames only, with all parts present, and without mattress).
  • Computers: Laptop or desktop  - must not be outdated and should include chargers/power leads. .
  • Whitegoods in good working order - Fridges, Washing Machines, Microwaves.
  • Televisions (digital only)
  • Kitchenware – crockery, pot/pans (often essential for homeless people who obtain accommodation in order to set up their home.


Just make sure your stuff meets these Regulations:

  • Any baby furniture or nursery items must meet minimum Australian/New Zealand safety standards. This includes car seats or restraints, cots, prams, high-chairs, change tables, and portable or stand-alone baby baths.
  • Any donated televisions must be digital or have a digital set top box.
  • Any non-perishable foods must be within six months of the expiry or best-before date.
  • For any electrical items, all cabling/wiring must be intact.


What can't be donated?

Direct greatly appreciates your generosity, however, there are some things that cannot be accepted for donation due to safety or practicality issues, or where there is low demand for an item.

  • Broken or faulty items
  • Stained or torn items
  • Bed heads or parts of bed frames which do not form a complete set (solid bed frames that contain all parts of the frame set can be donated)
  • Any items over 1.8 meters in height
  • Gas appliances
  • Anything classfied as dangerous goods as defined under the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 (Vic)


For further information see Direct Terms and conditions.

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